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Michael asks; ‘I was out the other night with a friend of mine. We decided to visit an adult shop and came across an object called a ponytail. At first I thought it was a whip but later realised I wasn’t holding the handle….What is the purpose behind this object?’

Pony play is quite common in B&D. The ‘horses’ are dressed up complete with saddle, bit, bridle and of course a tail. I suggest that what you thought was the ‘handle’ was in fact the butt plug. And the ‘jockey’ may choose to use his crop to get a better performance out of his pony.

Paul asks; ‘Does wearing two condoms offer more protection against getting her pregnant or catching an STD?’

No. Wearing two condoms actually increases your chances of a breakage due to friction between the latex of the two condoms rubbing together. Use one condom and follow the directions on the package for how to use them properly, including using a water based lubricant as the latex can dry up even an excited girl.

David asks; ‘Can a girl get pregnant if she has sex while she is on her period?’

Yes she can. This is known as using ‘the rhythm method’. It is not 100% effective as a method of contraception. There are many effective alternatives – use one or you will be paying child support for the next 18 years buddy!

Paul asks; ‘We tried to have sex in the swimming pool and she said she had to stop because she was getting too dry. What the?’

When a girl is turned on she gets wet. But this is water soluble and will be dispersed in the pool water. You need to use a non-water soluble lube like Vaseline or baby oil. Remember that these will break down the latex in condoms so if you are using jonnies – no sex in water, or your tadpoles might swim further than you want them to!

David asks; ‘What is the best position for deepest penetration?’

I am not familiar with all the positions of the Kama Sutra but either doggy or on my back with my ankles around his ears works best for me if I am looking to maximise penetration. Experiment and ask her…can’t have too much of that!

Phil asks; ‘Is it safe to have okay with my girl friend when she has her period?’

There is no danger in having sex with your partner at this time. Some people are just grossed out by it that’s all. You may want to try sex in the shower or putting down a ‘drop sheet’ so as to minimize the mess. Also note that some women, (not me!), don’t feel sexual at this time so you might want to check this out first too.

Gil asks; ‘I have a great wife, she is good looking, cooks, cleans and gives me sex whenever I want. But I’m bored. Should I look elsewhere? What’s the best way not to get caught?’

Ha ha….Is this a trick question? Firstly be lucky that you are getting it whenever you want. I hear that sex is greatly reduced once the ring goes on the finger. Having said that, I understand that having the same partner for quite a while can get routine. Firstly, I would try to spice it up with your partner. You never know, she might think it has gotten boring too! Naked twister with the baby oil is always fun. I can’t give you ideas on how not to get caught because if you follow my advice and the sh*t hits the fan then you might sue me…lol. Just remember, before you play up, think about what you are risking if you do get caught. Apart from that advice, you’re on your own.

Rocco asks ’Why do women get fake tits when they look and feel like sh*t?’

There are many reasons why women go down the implant way. One of course is insecurity/vanity. They feel that they will be more attractive to men if their boobs are bigger and let’s face it; a lot of men love big boobs, fake or not. Other women are born with uneven breast size or have saggy breasts after breast feeding or due to unfortunate genes. I know one lady who had to have cancerous tissue removed from one breast and then wanted to have even breast size again.

Womens’ boobs are precious to them just as your pecker is to you. Boobs are a huge part of our self esteem. Larger or better shaped breasts can make a woman feel more feminine and attractive.

The media suggests that the ‘perfect woman’ has a size 6 body with a DD bust. Something that most women are not able to achieve naturally.

Don’t be too harsh until you know all the facts Rocco. And remember that there are plenty of boobies out there to play with that are natural. Leave the ‘fake’ ones to the guys who like them.

Josh asks; ‘How big is the average penis?’

According to the Ansell Web site approximately 42% of Australian men have an erect penis length of 16 to 17cm, (between 6 and 7 inches), and the range is 12cm to 23cm, (4.5 to 9 inches). Nigerian men have the longest average length of approximately 17cm, (7 inches). Korean men having the shortest average length of 12.7 cm, (5 inches).

To me it is not just about the length but also the width. I have been with a guy who was the length and girth of my pinky finger and not even all three joints, only the last two. There was so much air in the condom I had to hold on to it and I couldn’t feel a thing. He finished though so he must have had a good imagination.

I have also had very short cocks which have been as fat as a large salami. Then there are the guys that I couldn’t even get in my puss when I was sitting on them and bouncing. Way toooooooo big.

When a girl says that bigger is not necessarily better, she’s right. A huge cock pounding away might be just the thing I want on certain days, especially if I fancy the owner and am really horny. But on other days I would be in pain.

If you have a cashew then you had better find other ways to pleasure your partner. Learn how to use your tongue, fingers and maybe go shopping together and buy a vibrator.

Most women are not as bothered about the size of their men’s cocks as the guys are themselves. All men think that their cock is too small and all women think that their arse is too big. That’s just the way we are.

Remember…..women will be much more willing to forgive you a small cock if you do the dishes once in a while.

And girls, get over the size of your arses. If your man reallythought your behind was as bad as you do, they wouldn’t be with you. Try this…put on your sexiest knickers and push your ass in his general direction. As long as he has a pulse, I’m sure you’ll get a good reaction!

Hope this helps Josh

Peter asks; ‘Can she still get pregnant if I pull out before I ejaculate?’

If the guy pulls his penis out before he ejaculates, the woman can still become pregnant. Sperm can be present in pre-come, (the lubricating fluid that leaks from the penis before and during sex), and just a small amount of tadpoles is all that is needed to make a woman pregnant. Wear a condom Pete or risk paying child support for the next 18 or so years!

 Micks asks; ’What is Sexsomnia?’

A disorder in which people initiate some form of sexual activity while asleep. It may be more common than previously thought in those with sleep disorders, according to a new Canadian study.

Almost 8% of 832 patients studied at a sleep disorders center reported bouts of sexsomnia -- having initiated sexual activity with a bed partner while asleep -- and the prevalence of the behavior was three times more common in men than women.

The researchers conducted a review of 832 patients who had been evaluated for a suspected sleep disorder -- 428 men and 404 women.

"There have been no previous studies of how frequently sexsomnia occurs," says Sharon A. Chung, "While our finding of 8% of people reporting sexsomnia seems really a high number, it should be stressed that we only studied patients referred to a sleep clinic. So we would expect the numbers to be much lower in the general population.”

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